China doubtlessly is considered as one of the major future markets. In no other country the economy grows as fast as in China. With its economic growth, also the demand for technology is rising rapidly. This is a unique opportunity for European high tech provider to offer their products on this huge and growing marketplace.


Aachen Engineers offer consultancy and project work for European companies and associations who seek for dedicated know how about the Chinese marketplace in the context of economic and scientific cooperation and exchange. We offer a team of young engineers who have achieved excellent results at the RWTH Aachen University of Technology and now are doing their doctorates at universities throughout Europe. The team consist of highly motivated German and Chinese professionals, who bring their fresh and innovative approaches into the business the consultancy work and the business of our customers.


The key qualifications of Aachen Engineers lie in the areas of Information- and Communication Technology (ICT), system and hardware design/development (SoC, ASIC, FPGA etc.), as well as energy transmission, distribution and management. But our team is not only skilled in these areas. Their most important attribute is: they move freely between the European and Chinese culture.


The scope of our services reaches from consultancy and conceptual design to the actual implementation. Existing projects can competently be attended. New contacts to China can be established.